welcome at Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel

                         OF THE PRIDE LANDS


Since 2003 i have the honour to be in possession of this wonderfull breed.
At the moment i live with my 3 ridgeback girls, Tigra, Puck and Soof of the Pride lands.
(mother, daughter and granddaughter)

We live under the smoke from Amsterdam, in Zaandam.
On this website you can find all the information about Tigra, Puck and Soof

For information about the breed you can go the the RRCN there you can find everything you need the know, we are also members of this club and breed according the VFR

kennel name:
a group of lions we call a pride, so the pride lands is the kingdom/hunting
area of a group of lions.

if you have any questions about my dogs please feel free to contact me.