we have great news, we are planning a new litter this summer 2022 with Soof.
And with a lot of pride we can announce that we found the perfect male for her.
His name is Addy jonas nyambe and lives in Czech Republic.
Jonas how his owner calls him is we think te perfect match for Soof
and we expect beautiful puppies in and outside.
our waiting list is open for reservations.

if you want more information about us, our kennel or our breeding feel free to contact us.
if you want to meet our dogs you are more than welcome.
If after you asked us everything you want to know and you want to be on our waiting list for this unique combination you do so because you believe in us as breeder, our way of breeding, how we raise our puppies and you believe in this combination.

if you just want a puppy as quick as possible and you will be registered at 5 kennels just beacause you want a ridgeback puppy you are not the puppybuyer we are looking for and will advice you to look further.